Power Pairs

Power Pairs

Grades 1–4

Better Together: Fiction and Nonfiction Pairs Boost Students' Engagement and Comprehension.


Focus on Building Content Knowledge and Vocabulary with 102 Science, Social Studies and Math Fiction and Nonfiction Pairs

  • CREATE a dynamic learning environment, while increasing Science, Social Studies, and Math comprehension with 102 Fiction/Nonfiction Thematic Power Pairs, available in Print, E-Book, and Audio formats.
  • INTRODUCE a topic with the Fiction book, and reinforce it with the Nonfiction book.
  • INCORPORATE vocabulary, comprehension, and writing strategies into content area instruction.

Why Pair Fiction and Nonfiction Texts?

  • DIFFERENTIATE instruction to support struggling readers in accessing content in a variety of genres.
  • PROVIDE a bridge between fictional characters, settings, and problems to people, places, and problems of the real world.
  • DEVELOP background knowledge, literacy, and writing skills.
  • INCREASE students' vocabulary and improve their comprehension and critical thinking skills.
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