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Easy-to-Use Systematic Phonics & Knowledge Kits for Grades K–5

These Phonics & Content Solutions provide you with a suite of Science of Reading Sets that meet the needs of your Grades K–5 building. Choose from 3 solutions—all discounted by 25%—that target Systematic Phonics and the building of Content Knowledge and Vocabulary, the cornerstones of structured Literacy.

These Budget-Friendly Solutions Include Kits from Our Popular Series:

  • Decoder Kids Phonics: Easy-to-Use Phonics Kits Featuring Original Fiction & Nonfiction Decodable Readers with Explicit, Systematic Instruction
  • Decoder Kids Content: A Beginning Reading Solution that Teaches Standards-Aligned Content and Vocabulary in 5 Science and Social Studies Units each for Grades 1 and 2.
  • Passages to Comprehension: Effective & Efficient Comprehension Instruction that Supports Students with Complex-Level Text Passages to Build Content Knowledge, Vocabulary, and Meaning.

Best-Selling, Budget-Friendly Kit Solutions

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Grades K–5 Option

Complete Grades K–5 Phonics & Content Set

9 KITS: Decoder Kids Phonics Kits Grades K-2, Decoder Kids Content Kits Grades 1-2, & Passages to Comprehension Kits Grades 2-5

Item Number: WA-41564

Value Pricing - SAVE 25%
Was $11,947 Save $2,988!
NOW $8,959*

Grades K–2 Option

Grades K–2 Phonics & Content Decodables Set

5 KITS: Decoder Kids Phonics Kits for Grades K-2 and Decoder Kids Content Kits for Grades 1-2

Item Number: WA-41565

Value Pricing - SAVE 25%
Was $9,551 Save $2,386!
NOW $7,165*

Grades 2–5 Option

Grades 2–5 Content Knowledge Set

4 KITS: Passages to Comprehension Kits for Grades 2-5

Item Number: WA-41566

Value Pricing - SAVE 25%
Was $2,396 Save $599!
NOW $1,797*

*No Additional Discounts Apply.