Using Decoder Kids Phonics & Decoder Kids Content Together!

Decoder Kids PHONICS and Decoder Kids CONTENT are companion products that together supplement core Literacy instruction and support students’ development of skilled fluent reading. Together they focus on developing:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Systematic Phonics
  • Content Knowledge
  • Vocabulary Skills
  • Fluency

Decoder Kids Phonics
helps to build strong foundational skills in phonemic awareness, phonetic decoding, and word recognition using a systematic Scope & Sequence and direct, explicit instructional routines, activities, and assessments.

Decoder Kids Content incorporates background knowledge, complex syntax, and strong vocabulary skills using Read Alouds and Decodable Readers that are supported with explicit instructional routines, activities and assessments.

Use Decoder Kids Phonics to introduce, teach, and practice Phonics Decoding & word recognition. Use Decoder Kids Content to introduce content and vocabulary as you continue to practice decoding skills and reinforce high-frequency words.

  • Unique & Newly Created Decodable Readers in Each Kit!
  • Matching Grade-Level Color Organization System for Each Kit!
  • No Grade Levels on Decodable Readers in Each Kit!
Decoder Kids Phonics Digital Samples
Decoder Kids Content Digital Samples

  Decoder Kids Phonics & Content Kits Together Support the Science of Reading Framework

Decoder Kids Phonics

Grades K–2

Decodable Readers with Systematic Phonics Instruction and Assessment

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Decoder Kids Content

Grades 1–2

Immerse Students in Science & Social Studies Topics with Content-Rich Decodable Reader Kits

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