North Carolina Resources

Learn About Our Literacy Solutions for Your North Carolina Students!

Amber and Rick Harlow, your local educational consultants, are dedicated to helping you with your North Carolina purchases. We can:

  • Assist with selecting programs that are appropriate for your students' grade and reading levels.
  • Work with you to order products that will maximize your budget dollars.
  • Provide samples for you to "test-drive" in your classroom.
  • Set up a presentation with your department or committee members to walk you through products that fit your needs.
  • Help you choose programs that are correlated to your state standards.
  • Schedule an in-service for you and your staff.
  • Set up a book exhibit in your local area.

For a personal consultation, contact:

Amber Harlow • 919-395-7315 • [email protected]

Rick Harlow • 919-395-3653 • [email protected]