Grade Level Collections

Grade Level Collections

Grades K–5

A Great Collection of Books in Your Classroom is Essential for Reading Success.


The Grade Level Collections help you expose students to lots of books, an experience that is necessary for them to become good readers.

We have organized hundreds of bestselling nonfiction and fiction titles into specially priced collections to support your curriculum needs—saving you valuable time and money!

  • Enhance students’ developing literacy skills and motivate them to read with engaging and appealing books!
  • Spark imaginations with fiction stories that cover a range of genres—including fairy tales, humor, mysteries, and fantasy.
  • Build background knowledge and improve comprehension with a wide selection of nonfiction texts, covering Science, Social Studies, and Math.
  • Each Collection contains 40-50 Student Readers and a FREE Storage Box.
  • Download the complete list of titles in every Grade Level Set!

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