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Decoder Kids Content Series

Decoder Kids Content

Grades 1–2

Immerse Students in Science & Social Studies Topics with Content-Rich Decodable Reader Kits.


Learn about our companion products, Decoder Kids Phonics and Decoder Kids Plus: Easy-to-use kits that teach systematic Phonics and Science & Social Studies content knowledge and vocabulary with decodable readers and explicit instruction.
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Decoder Kids Content is a beginning reading solution that introduces Science and Social Studies content and vocabulary, as well as carefully sequenced letter-sound relationships in grade-level kits containing 30 decodable readers, 10 Read Alouds, and a Teacher Guide.

  • PROVIDE young learners with the background knowledge, vocabulary, and decoding tools needed to become successful readers.
  • INTRODUCE new Phonics Skills and High-Frequency words in Decodable Readers that gradually increase in difficulty.
  • RELY on Explicit Instruction in each Lesson Plan to teach standards-aligned content knowledge and vocabulary, and phonics skills.
  • SUPPORT knowledge and vocabulary understanding with Blackline Masters and Assessments.
  • Grades 1–2 Kits contain:
    • 5 Science Units and 5 Social Studies Units.
      • Each Unit contains 1 Nonfiction Read Aloud and 3 Nonfiction Decodable Student Books, aligned to Content Standards.
    • Grade-Level Teacher Guide.
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