Decoder Kids Phonics Series

Decoder Kids Phonics

Grades K–2

Decodable Readers with Systematic Phonics Instruction and Assessment.

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Decoder Kids Phonics is a beginning reading solution that introduces carefully sequenced letter-sound relationships in 150 decodable texts.

  • Follow a defined Scope & Sequence as you progressively introduce letter-sound relationships in each Decodable Reader.
  • Encourage students to decode sounds and blends, and experience early reading success with original and engaging Fiction & Nonfiction Readers.
  • Delightful illustrations created for each story and striking photographs selected for each informational text contribute to authentic and meaningful reading experiences.
  • Book-by-book explicit instruction supports educators in whole group and small group settings, as they model, teach, and scaffold students through each Phonics Skill.
  • Practice Phonics Skills and High-Frequency Words in context while nurturing a love of reading.
  • Assess students' progress with Interim and Summative Beginning-, Middle-, and End-of-Year Tests.
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