Decoder Kids Plus Series

Decoder Kids Plus – Coming Soon!

High-Interest Decodable Readers with Systematic Phonics Instruction for Use in Tier I and Tier II Intervention Small Group and Whole Class Settings.

Learn about our companion products, Decoder Kids Phonics and Decoder Kids Content: Easy-to-use kits that teach systematic Phonics and Science & Social Studies content knowledge and vocabulary with decodable readers and explicit instruction. Download our comprehensive Decoder Kids solutions brochure to learn more.


Decoder Kids PLUS provides striving learners with the tools they need to close gaps in skills and become proficient readers with 30 weeks of instruction and 60 new Fiction and Nonfiction decodable readers.

  • Carefully crafted decodable texts with a minimum of 80% decodability percentage about high-interest topics engage Tier I and Tier II students at their skill levels.
  • Easy-to-follow explicit and systematic instruction is concentrated and repetitive with consistent review of prior learning to put students who need extra support on the path to fluent reading.
  • Follow a defined Scope & Sequence as you progressively introduce letter-sound relationships in each Decodable Reader.
  • Each unit of instruction provides and in-depth exploration of the topic and practice of a single phonics skill over the course of a week. It follows a systematic format with students developing and practicing phonemic awareness, phonics skills, high-frequency word reading, and vocabulary.
  • Encourage students to decode sounds and blends, and experience early reading success with original and engaging Fiction & Nonfiction Readers.
  • Delightful and age appropriate illustrations created for each story and striking photographs selected for each informational text contribute to authentic and meaningful reading experiences.
  • Practice Phonics Skills and High-Frequency Words in context while nurturing a love of reading.
  • Assess students' progress with Interim and Summative Beginning-, Middle-, and End-of-Year Tests.
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