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Support students to become Skilled Readers with an integrated approach of teaching Content Knowledge, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Reading Comprehension in the same lesson.

  • Motivate young readers with 258 Student Books that feature engaging Fiction  and content area Nonfiction and Reinforce phonics skills and fluency practice.
  • Build background knowledge, aligned to Science & Social Studies standards,  and Introduce vocabulary, print concepts, and a variety of genres with explicit Lesson Plans and Instruction.
  • Provide ELL and SEL strategies in every Student Book.
  • Assess students’ progress with BLMs that monitor content knowledge, meaning, and phonics skills.
    • Build content knowledge aligned to Science & Social Studies standards and introduce the vocabulary for each book
    • Explicit Phonics & Comprehension Instruction with Practice BLMs
  • Vocabulary & Fluency Mini-Lessons
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